Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture 36: 1-12, doi: 10.3897/ejfa.2024.118276
Physicochemical, rheological, sensory, and proximal properties of yogurt flavored with Aloe vera gel
expand article infoLiliana Patricia Acurio Arcos, Wilmer Arnulfo Cadena Masabanda§, María Eugenia García Pazmiño, John Bagner Castillo Garzón, Cristian Germán Santiana Espín|
‡ Technical University of Ambato, Ambato, Ecuador§ Case Agriculture Sustentable, Guaranda, Ecuador| Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo, Riobamba, Ecuador
Open Access
Aloe vera leaves have a transparent mucilaginous, showing an important polysaccharides content and potential bioactive phytochemicals. This study evaluated the physicochemical, rheological, sensorial, and proximal properties of yogurt elaborated using Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus and flavored with Aloe vera gel. Previous studies have shown that the variation of some ingredients, such as the percentage of fat or inoculum, can modify the sensory and rheological characteristics of fermented dairy beverages. Different treatments were prepared using a 2n factorial design varying the percentage of fat (2 and 3%), inoculum (2 and 3%), and Aloe vera gel (5 and 10%).All the samples presented pseudoplastic behavior, and the power law equation showed a better fit in all the samples. The higher percentage of inoculum decreased the fermentation time and increased the apparent viscosity. An increase in fat concentration amplified yogurt’s pH, °Brix, and pseudoplastic behavior. Meanwhile, the gel increased the percentage of syneresis and decreased the apparent viscosity.The formulation with 3% fat, 3% inoculum, and 5% Aloe vera gel obtained higher values in these sensory parameters of smell, flavor, appearance, and acceptability. The production of supplemented probiotic yogurt- up to 5% Aloe vera gel is feasible from an industrial and consumer point of view since it shows acceptable sensory, nutritional, and microbiological characteristics.
Apparent viscosity, consistency index, flow behavior index, power law, sábila